Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Thing 11 - Reflective

Rudai 11

A bit late in the day blogging on this one. Just plain lost my original blog! A mystery! So here goes.

What can I say, Study Plans and Time Management and me - start off with great intentions and end up stressed on deadline day. I did a time management course a few months ago. I had plans and calendars everywhere and was so time aware - for about a week! Then I started to stress about not filling them in and then I got fed up and chucked them altogether and went back to my old self of racing up to the line! I always get the work done but I do think I have to be under some level of pressure to get kick started. I also find that I can at times be the opposite and take too much time and overthink things which can slow me down at the end. I think it all has a lot to with type of person you are.

I could procrastinate all day reading Mindtools - some interesting thoughts there! Wandering off to websites in middle of something is I think is the worst form of procrastination - you really have to pull yourself up to stop doing it. The 10 time management mistakes that they talk about - I have made them all. Past mistakes and experience are great lessons - not to let yourself get too tight on time - knowing your capabilities. 

Regarding the buddy system - I had two colleagues in my workplace who were also doing the course at the same time. It helped sometimes to spur me on when they said they were on 21 and I was on 3!

By the way,  I wrote freely on my blogs - did it show?

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